Working on a project with Chinese investors, partners or sponsors ? Our experience in managing complicated projects in a cross cultural environment will ensure projects sail through every critical step with strong buy-ins from various stakeholders.

Have a wonderful idea and would like to turn it into a project with potential Chinese investors, partners or sponsors? Our network in both the local and overseas Chinese market may help you turn your dream into reality.



Organizing an opening or closing ceremony, a cocktail reception or a banquet for or with your Chinese partners? We can help you deliver an event that is culturally sensitive and with the right menu not just for the food but also for the mind and spirit.

Communication Facilitation

Working with a different culture can be challenging, even if the Internet and modern technology make communicating with your Chinese counterparts easier. Especially for projects which last for longer periods, we can help you keep effective communications going and move the project forward with flexible and affordable resource allocation. Negotiations, translations and interpretations – we can do more than that.

Hospitality Management

Having a Chinese delegation coming for business meetings and need help with finding interpreters, design an itinerary for them to see the city, or need a tour guide to accompany the group? We can help you to be a good host without any stress and provide a memorable stay for your guests on top of a successful business trip.

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